With the selfie column you are guaranteed to attract attention

Whether you use the selfie column (also known as Photobooth) during a product launch, customer event, wedding, company party, birthday, exhibition stand or in a shopping mall, you will always catch somebody’s attention. And because you give a photo to your guests, there is a good chance that potential customers will not forget you.

The selfie column provides entertainment

With the selfie column, your guests are guaranteed to have a great time. The only disadvantage? They have the chance that they will end up in a queue. However, once they have experienced how their patience has been paid off, a smile appears on everyone’s face. It's so much fun that they keep coming back for another photo shoot. I hear it regularly: "The selfie column was the highlight of the evening and everyone was very happy with the photos. Thanks for your help to make our evening an unforgettable one".

The selfie column is suitable for all ages

"I must say that I loved the selfie column, as my children and grandchildren also did. It is special to have an activity for the whole family, or even a family with many generations. It makes you giggle like a teen. It is also nice to have a souvenir of an unforgettable moment as well for grandparents as  their children and grandchildren. The photos have a handy size, so you can easily put them in your wallet to show them to everyone. 


Everyone still knows the photo booth of the past. At that time, there were no cameras that you just carried around in your pocket every day. To have a picture of you with your best friends right away, you had to walk into town and sit in a photo booth with a curtain. The selfie column is certainly more stylish, but the concept is the same and together with the nice props the moment becomes even more memorable.


The selfie column delivers the highest possible quality photos and is equipped with the latest professional equipment. You also have the possibility to use the photo prints as a marketing purpose and accordingly to your own wishes. Imagine, that every print (produced by the selfie column) can be read with your logo, company name or text. This way the selfie column is also a powerful marketing tool. Make your brand stronger with the help of the selfie column.


Do you have a theme for your big day, party or event? Whether you want a winter wonderland, a day at the beach or just a color, props that fit your theme are of course included.

Loving gesture for your guests

Do you have a theme for your big day, party or event? Whether you want a winter wonderland, a day at the beach or just a colour photo, props that fit your theme are of course included. 

Not only do your guests get a copy of the nice photos on the evening. You will get a link with access to all the photos taken during your party or event! This ensures that even weeks after the big day or event the fun can be felt again when friends, family, colleagues share their photos with each other and comment on each other.

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